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松本潤 | come back to me ♥

lisa's boring entries.

21 March 1992
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about Lisa.
my name is Lisa. i was born on March 21, 1992, which makes me 18 years old. i live in Brooklyn, New York. i'm also standing at a height of 5'2. i'm currently in the 12th grade. my favorite color is also pink! some of my interests include creative writing, going online, listening to jpop, being with friends, being lazy, eating (i've got a big appetite), and sleeping! haha. i'm a very....interesting person, aren't i?! :D last but not least, my favorite Johnny's Entertainment group is ARASHI! i love each member like crazy! but my most favorite of them all is MATSUMOTO JUN! so please, no arashi bashing or JE bashing is allowed, okay? ARASHI FOR DREAM <3
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